KDM Bringing Back the F-Word !!! Hello Jeff Upshaw & Here Comes the ColeTrain!!!

Some big changes in the Kid DynaMite Bmx race camp for 2014. Times are changing drastically in the sport of Bmx. Tons of bmx companies are dropping out of bmx completely in race and freestyle. As a company I have to think of all my options and I base all my decisions on longevity.
 If there's one thing I learned in my 20 years of playing in bands, you wanna be a One hit wonder or have longevity? The right answer should be Longevity and this is my goal with KDM. I can't wait to see where this company is at in 5-10 years. Think some people forget but KDM is still only 20 months old.  People think I fly around in helicopters and that couldn't be the furthest thing from reality. We're still a brand new company and we struggle to get by, not gonna sugarcoat it. There's so much expenses doing this business, so much travel. Always bringing out new products to keep things fresh and not stagnant is not easy on the bank account. 
With this all being said, instead of dropping out of Bmx, Ive decided that 2014 is the year of "Cut Backs." So I cut our biggest Bmx race asset, our Factory team. 
I had tons of, outside of Bmx, companies that gave me a lot of money for our Factory team. Our major sponsor is selling their business and let's face it, times and money are tight for everyone these days, families and businesses. Things are a lot different than a few years ago. Everything is more expensive and people have less money. That's a bad combo to be traveling around the country racing Bmx.
So here's the new KDM plan: KDM Bringing Back the F-Word, FUN!!!!! Remember back a few years ago when you 1st started racing. Man it was fun getting thru novice and then Inter to finally become an Expert and get picked up and sponsored, then Bam you hit the Expert Wall of Doom. Wow these kids are fast. Why's my dad yelling at me and throwing things in the pits? Why can't I play video games in the pits? Why can't I eat this or drink that in the pits? What is a Team Sheet, Im 8 years old? These are all things I've seen at nationals or heard stories about from close friends.
Gotta have FUN!!! So new KDM 2014 plan is combining our Factory team and our Young Blood team (Jr Devo) to create one National team. No kid is better than the other. No kid gets more than the other. All on same playing field. No Factory, No Bike shop, No Trophy team, I will Not run team sheets, they are the Devil ha. Just one team of hand picked riders and families Carley Young and I've picked that have the same family values and attitude that we're looking for that will represent the clothing brand known as Kid DynaMite Apparel Co. 
Carley Young (KDM Race Team Manager) "Bmx needs to be about fun first, parents spend thousands of dollars a year on this sport and if the kids not having fun, they drop out if the sport. Our riders love to shred and their passion for the sport is there by giving them a happy and healthy environment to be apart of. This makes the weekend races much more eventful to be at."
Here is our 2014 Kits for the National team. We are actually running 2 different designs. Why are we doing this? Because We Do What We Want!!!! One day team might wear Checkers and next Day Zombie? What ever we feel like doing. Like to thank our 2014 National sponsors: Dans Comp, FLY, Alias, Blot Out Graphics, Bmx News.com & Carley's "Ride Like a Girl."
We also will have a few State series teams popping up with their own identity and unique colors but all Kid DynaMite. We'll have KDM Kansas City, Michigan, Florida (all ready going strong in the SSA) North Carolina & Im sure some more here and there. 
Im super pumped to announce this next Big news story. Hello Mr. Jeff Upshaw. Pleased to announce that AA Pro Jeff Upshaw will be riding for Kid DynaMite Apparel Co in 2014 & hopefully longer, remember, it's all about Longevity. Jeff's KDM deal is an Apparel deal the same as Spencer Cole. Jeff will still be in the Kuwahara race kit on the track but as soon as he's casual Jeff, you'll see him rocking his new apparel brand Kid DynaMite!!!! Jeff is an amazing rider who I see big things for in the near future. Super nice guy. Gives back to the sport by helping kids and doing tons of clinics. Just a real crowd pleaser and favorite. Welcome Jeff Upshaw to our KDM Family!!!
Jeff Upshaw "I am excited for the what the future holds for Kid DynaMite & I. The company and the people behind it are the perfect fit for me & my life style. From their stylish clothing line to the cool down to earth parents and kids. I am proud to be rocking with KDM for the 2014 season."
Carley Young on Jeff Upshaw "Jeff's  passion for the sport matches my passion and he is going to be a perfect fit on the team. Jeff is a true champion with many years of accompaniments but his positive attitude as well as his success at being a good role model for years is why we are proud he will be rocking our brand."
Speaking of Spencer Cole, wait till you see what I gave this kid. I gave him his own clothing line inside KDM called "ColeTrain." How cool is that? A 12 yr old kid with his own clothing line because of Bmx. I strongly feel that Spencer is the Youth face of Bmx for many years to come. What a talent but still so humble. Such a nice, down to earth family. Really is just the all around package a Brand/Company is looking for. I had a meeting with his family in my office (as most know, is my trailer) at the Louisville national last Sept in about 112 degrees heat in that trailer. I told Spencer that when I created this, mostly youth brand, that he and his family were everything I dreamed I would find one day to represent this Apparel Co and there they were.
Spencer Cole: "The feeling is unreal to have my own KDM Coletrain clothing line. I am honored to be chosen to represent for the sport of Bmx Racing! I love how KDM is making clothes for young riders who do extreme sports! Thanks KDM for making this happen!"
Gonna be another FUN year. Gotta have the Fun part. Lot of really cool KDM things in the works for 2014. Follow the Kid DynaMite Revolution at our social media sites below.
KDM is HUNGRY!!! Wait till you see our new Apparel collection "Appetite for Revolution" 
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