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Kid DynaMite isn't just for little Kids Anymore!!!!

5 short weeks ago after we launched Kid DynaMite Apparel Co, we've realized that not only kids loved KDM but also their older brothers, sisters, moms, dads and grandparents, so we're giving the public what they want. Starting in Pittsburgh at the Stars n'  Stripes national, KDM will have a few designs more for women, men & teens with more of a KDM flavor than Kid DynaMite and many other ideas & designs down the road. 
 With this being said and having KDM apparel in big kid's sizes, then we're gonna add some teens and adults to our Factory and Co-Factory teams. Please welcome to KDM men's Pro, Gavin Lubbe (Factory Felt) and Carley Young women's Pro. We're signing them for an Apparel sponsorship and along with some Mentoring duties for our young Kid DynaMite rippers.
  Gavin and Carley are strong supporters and developers in today's Bmx youth. Gavin has his own team of little Grom racers (GLUBBEco) and Carley does tons of clinics for her company (Ride Like a Girl) and she is an instructor at Ohio Dreams.  Our goal down the road will be KDM clinics taught by Gavin and Carley split by age so the younger kids get they time and lessons they need and the older kids/adults get to work on the things they need to be taught or brushed up on.
 "Greatest thing I love about this company is, sky's the limit" says owner and founder Eric Bess. "If we wanna design a new teen/adult line under KDM/Kid DynaMite, then we will. There is No rules & if there were rules, I wouldn't follow them anyway." 
 We do plan on doing different collections or lines underneath the KDM/Kid DynaMite Umbrella. Wait till you see what's up our sleeve around Halloween. Hint - what if Rob Zombie owned a Bike Co and a Bmx-Mx-Skate/apparel company? Well its in the works right now and it will look something just like that. We cant wait to do this collection and everything in the near future.
 Kid DynaMite App Co 
July 3rd 2012


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