Bmx State Teams

(Full KDM BMX website in the works)

2017 Kid DynaMite Bmx teams by State/Providence:

Kid DynaMite BMX is the Largest BMX team that has ever existed in the history of Bmx. 28 States covered and about 700 riders total on these teams.

KDM State teams are families that race locals, regionals and some nationals. These teams promote Family FUN 1st and foremost. This is Not a buy on team. These families are all hand picked and approved to ride for KDM.

If you're looking for a team to ride for in any of these state or if you have interest in starting your own KDM team, that's not listed below, please email Tina Massey for consideration.

State Team Organizer: Tina Massey -


Alberta - Shane Carson -

-United States:

Arizona - Tina Massey -


Arkansas - Larry Williams - 


Colorado - Jami Duffy - 


Florida - Ashley Maszak -


Georgia - Brittney Loggins  - 


Kansas - Kevin Mathias - 


Maryland - Chris Wienk - 


Michigan - Sue Scheibner - 


Minnesota - Dan Isaacs - 


Missouri - Kevin Fain - 


New England - Peter Martone - 


Northern California - James Grippi -


North Carolina - Derek Wilkie - 


Ohio - Matt Cook - 


Oklahoma - Tina Massey -


Pennsylvania - Diane Sorrells (Central & East PA)

Western PA - Tammy Pfeiffer - 


Tennessee - John True - 


Washington - JJ West - 


Wisconsin - Chris Schultz -