Come Join our KRUE!!! Introducing Kid DynaMite's brand NEW support Co-Sponsorship Program. 

Kid DynaMite apparel Brand will be 3 years old on May 18th 2015. In these 3 short years KDM has gained ground Internationally in many, many different sports. We get emails everyday "How can I be sponsored by Kid DynaMite" Well the Time is Here!!!

If you're a DynaMite Kid...Being DynaMite than let us know who you are. This program is Not limited to Just kids. No matter what age, if you like our brand KDM and would want to rep us on a Co-Sponsorship level, then apply today.

Looking for kids that: Bmx (race/freestyle), Skate, Motocross, Mountain Bike, Surf, Snowboard, Play Guitar, Drums, Bands, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer. Skys the Limit really. If you like KDM and are talented at something, let us know.

We will say upfront, This is a co-sponsorship program. This is Not a send me Free products program. Those days are basically over. This is a program to introduce yourself to our Brand and see how or what level you can rep our Brand. Basically get some KDM gear with your discount codes and blast Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Make us notice you over and over and over and move up the KDM ladder to better sponsorships. We have found athletes online that worked out and ended up getting Free products at the top of the KDM food chain. It does happen. 

Here's how to apply:

(Don't send resumes. Won't get read. Just not a resume style Brand)

1-Send us email at

2-Include in email and Only include the following:

3-Name, Age, Location, Brief description of your talent

4-Three to Four pictures 

5-Social Media links, We mostly use Instagram & Facebook

6- and Thats it. 

Represent Kid DynaMite Apparel

email us at: